Why are Uranus and Neptune blue?

Answer Methane within the atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune absorb red wavelengths of light, resulting in a blue appearance of these gas giants at the outer edge of the Solar System.Uranus' AtmosphereAn o... Read More »

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How far is Neptune from Uranus?

Neptune and Uranus are about 1.1 billion miles apart. Uranus is about 1.7 billion miles from the sun, while Neptune orbits the sun from about 2.8 billion miles away.References:Astrobio: Uranus and ... Read More »

How close is uranus to neptune?

Uranus and Neptune are the fourth and fifth planets from the sun in our solar system, respectively. However, despite their order and presumed proximity, the two planets are actually 1.556 billion m... Read More »

How long are Uranus& Neptune in mutual reception?

In astrology, the planets Uranus and Neptune are currently in mutual reception, with Uranus currently located in the portion of the sky identified with Neptune's zodiacal sign of Pisces and Neptune... Read More »

What is the distance between Uranus& Neptune?

According to, Uranus is 1,663,010,000 kilometers, or 1,033,346,510 miles, from its nearest neighbor, Neptune. To put it into perspective, it would take nearly 2,000 years to t... Read More »