Why won't thoes greedy kids give that rabbit some damn Trix?

Answer The rabbit is a socialist who thinks everyone has a right to the Trix. The kids are capitalists who worked hard for their Trix and shouldn't be expected to support the lazy rabbit that is obviousl... Read More »

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Does the trix bunny have a name?

The Trix Rabbit has always simply been called the "Trix Rabbit" since he was created in 1959. The Trix Rabbit has appeared on Trix boxes since 1960, except for a brief time in 2003 when he was remo... Read More »

Is Trix yogurt kosher?

Yes, Trix yogurt is kosher. According to the product's label information on Label Watch, the yogurt contains kosher gelatin, which would mean the product is kosher. Also, try looking for the kosher... Read More »

Why can't the Silly Rabbit get any Trix?

Silly Truth-teller, Trix are for kids! I kid. Because if the rabbit got his Trix then the whole catchphrase "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids" which most likely was vital in Trix's popularity, would... Read More »

When was the trix rabbit born?

The Trix Rabbit made his first appearance on a box of Trix cereal in 1959. Back then, the Trix Rabbit was a floppy hand puppet who introduced several General Mills-sponsored television shows, befor... Read More »