Why are Tasers illegal?

Answer Taser guns are illegal in some states and countries because they pose a potential threat in the hands of untrained individuals. Taser devices can cause eye injuries, incapacitate body parts or resu... Read More »

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Are tasers illegal in Canada?

Yes, tasers are illegal for civilian use in Canada; they are considered a prohibited weapon. They can only be imported into the country with a special permit and can only be sold to law enforcement... Read More »

Why are tasers bad?

Tasers, also known as "stun guns," usually work by shooting hooks into a person's body and then send a large amount of electric current into the individual, sometimes as much as 50,000 volts.Effect... Read More »

Can Tasers kill?

A Taser, which is a specific brand of stun gun, is known as being less lethal than other subduing forces. However, using a Taser may cause neuromuscular incapacitation, which could lead to death.Re... Read More »

Types of Tasers?

The Taser is a weapon that relies on electroconvulsive shock to incapacitate its victims. The word "Taser" is a brand name that refers specifically to weapons of this type made by Taser Internation... Read More »