Why are Samsung 3D tv glasses so heavy?

Answer They aren't. 23 grams is not heavy and that's the weight of one of their latest pairs of glasses.

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Are not active 3D glasses heavy?

Early 3D active glasses were fairly heavy but modern versions are under one ounce. They are as comfortable to wear as ordinary sunglasses.

Why are the 3D TV glasses so heavy and expensive?

Active 3D glasses require batteries and had a reputation for being heavy. Modern glasses weigh in at as little as 23 grams (under one ounce) so they are not heavy. At under $20 per pair for some ac... Read More »

How heavy is the samsung galaxy s3?

Does Samsung 3D TV come with 3D glasses?

Most 3D televisions are supplied with glasses. If they aren't part of the package, ask the dealer to include them. There is a lot of competition for 3D television so manufacturers and dealers shoul... Read More »