Why are People that are HIV Positive and Healthy Called Denialists?

Answer When some heavyweight scientist like Peter Duesberg goes public about such issues, I think people should sit up and listen..,…

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What is the google site called that you write in a post code and you can view that Street and spy on people?

What are the camcorders called that people use for skateboarding?

Hi Victor: To give you a precise answer: The camcorder in the photo link you posted is a Panasonic AG-DVX100B (considered a "prosumer" or professional-grade consumer model) which records on mini-DV... Read More »

So where are all these perfectly healthy people without underlying health conditions that died of swine flu?

My husband and I are in Australia and we both got swine flu. Of course it wasn't fun, but all flus are bad... it was very unpleasant but was a lot like any other flu. I'm not sure what all the fuss... Read More »

Do you think that healthy people who park in handicap spaces should have their cars toed?

Only if the lot is full, and it's quite evident that that extra handicapped spot will be needed. If you're at a Walmart (with 100 handicap spots) and someone's in one, big deal.It is illegal, but... Read More »