Why are People that are HIV Positive and Healthy Called Denialists?

Answer When some heavyweight scientist like Peter Duesberg goes public about such issues, I think people should sit up and listen..,…

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Question to AIDS denialists?

Lets get some things straight first.There are varying and/or conflicting opinions on *both* sides of the fence. Its hardly fair to scientific discourse to assess the situation as 2 sided- *good v... Read More »

A Question for the AIDS Denialists?

First, I'm curious why we are referred to as 'AIDS denialists' when we have repeatedly stated that people indeed are or have been sick from diseases classified as 'AIDS defining'?You would be more ... Read More »

Most people who get HIV get it from someone who is NOT "HIV positive"?

I agree that most people get HIV from people who are not "HIV positive" in their minds because of the lack of testing. They don't think they are positive, but haven't been tested to confirm or de... Read More »

How to Love and Appreciate Positive People?

Have some upbeat people that seem too optimistic? Are they driving you crazy? Are they so nice it's annoying? Well, then you've come to the right place.