Why are People doing this on youtube?

Answer Because they have no life and spend their days on YouTube instead of living.

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Why does youtube keep doing this?

If YouTube is slow, stuck or weird, and people suggest youeither change, install, use or get something, DON'T TOUCH A THING.Please don’t tinker with your "Java Scripts", "Flash Players"or differe... Read More »

I want to sue YOUTUBE, for an offensive video , How do i go about doing this?

the oldest trick in the book...tricking people into viewing your videos so you can have more views.....dumb.

What are some challenges or tags people have been doing on YouTube?

Why do the people at Mellow Mushroom keep doing this?

Sounds like they value your patronage and just trying to give you the best deal they can without it costing them any more. Sounds like a place that I'd keep going back to. And, yes, I'd also show... Read More »