Why are New Yorkers so rude?

Answer I'm not rude - I say "please" and "thank you" and "excuse me". I don't slam doors on people, I help people with heavy packages up and down stairs. But don't try to get ahead of me on a line or ... Read More »

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When you type a question here, in all caps, the computer says it is rude......WHY THUS IT RUDE TO USE CAPS?

because when you are chatting with someone all caps means you are yelling!

Are New Yorkers wannabe?

Are New Yorkers nice?

Nice or arrogant. Hmm not much of a choice.New Yorkers are a lot more than nice or arrogant.New Yorkers are tough and compassionate and they don't tolerate fools.New Yorkers are the only mainland c... Read More »

New Yorkers VS Californians?

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