Birthday party for a 14 year old-CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP?

Answer ï½¥ CHOOSE A CHEAP THEME Every party needs a theme, but you can save a lot of money by avoiding anything... ï½¥ SCHEDULE BETWEEN LUNCH AND DINNER The optimum time for hosting a cheap birthday party... Read More »

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Why do Mexicans cut lawns so well?

Its because they are good at cutting everything like, Cutting across the border, Cutting people off in traffic, Cutting people heads off, Cutting the fence at the Border.

Why are people soo mean too mexicans!!! ?

idk. im Mexican too. its just those white racist bastards. their uglier then us ******* rednecks. it sickens me. i hope all those racist bastards like bush and mitt romney burn in hell.

Beauty Tips for Mexicans?

While there are plenty of beauty products on the market, ranging from the affordable to the extremely expensive, some of the best beauty tips and tricks are homegrown and cost next to nothing. Ther... Read More »

Why are tortillas important to Mexicans?

The name tortilla derives from the Spanish word "torta" meaning cake. Tortillas are a staple food among people of Hispanic decent.HistoryIt is unclear exactly when the first tortilla was created, h... Read More »