Why are Macs better for graphic design?

Answer Macs are considered best for design due mostly to ease of use. Mac operating systems are also generally considered more reliable, and the company has a solid reputation for design software. Though ... Read More »

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How could you use the three basic elements of design and their visual properties to create a balance between variety and unity in graphic design?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, searchPercale is a closely woven plain-weave fabric often used for bed linens.The term describes the weave of the fabric, not its content,... Read More »

Auto Graphic Design Instructions for Placing the Design on a Vehicle?

Auto graphic design decals and wraps can transform any automotive vehicle into a complex, mobile piece of art. It is especially beneficial for business, as mobile advertising increases brand and pr... Read More »

What is graphic art&design?

Graphic design is the visual display of information and images. The work of graphic designers influences much of what we see every day, from billboards and book covers to CD inserts and conditioner... Read More »

What is graphic art design?

Graphic art design refers to artistic and professional disciplines and processes used in visual communication, often on behalf of businesses and organizations. Graphic art designs are created using... Read More »