Why are Leica D Lux 4 cameras out of stock?

Answer Because the camera reached the end of it's life cycle!

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Are the Leica Lenses i the new Panasonic cameras genuine, and how good are these lenses?

All of these type of lenses are considered as certified by a manufacturer. Carl Zeiss, and Schneider-Kreuznach do this a lot too. If it's certified by any of these manufacturers you should have con... Read More »

Old camera LEICA - does it have any value?

I suggest keeping the camera. After all, it belonged to your dad so in my opinion the sentimental value alone makes it worth keeping. Maybe you can find some pictures he took with it and display th... Read More »

Leica M6 Specs?

The Leica M6 was a film-based auto-focus camera manufactured by the Leica company starting in the year 1984. The M6 combined the Leica M3 body with modern additions such as LED viewfinder arrows an... Read More »

Leica M2 Repair Tips?

Leica cameras a renowned worldwide for their incredible optics as well as their precision engineering, of which the M-Series, especially the M2, is an excellent example. When repairing your Leica, ... Read More »