Why are Leica D Lux 4 cameras out of stock?

Answer Because the camera reached the end of it's life cycle!

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Are the Leica Lenses i the new Panasonic cameras genuine, and how good are these lenses?

All of these type of lenses are considered as certified by a manufacturer. Carl Zeiss, and Schneider-Kreuznach do this a lot too. If it's certified by any of these manufacturers you should have con... Read More »

Leica M6 Specs?

The Leica M6 was a film-based auto-focus camera manufactured by the Leica company starting in the year 1984. The M6 combined the Leica M3 body with modern additions such as LED viewfinder arrows an... Read More »

Who invented the Leica camera?

The Leica camera was invented by Oskar Barnack for the Leitz optical firm. Though Barnack's idea originated in 1905, he didn't make it a reality until 1915, and the camera itself did not enter prod... Read More »

Leica M2 Repair Tips?

Leica cameras a renowned worldwide for their incredible optics as well as their precision engineering, of which the M-Series, especially the M2, is an excellent example. When repairing your Leica, ... Read More »