Why are Japanese abroad unwilling to help foreign Japlang learners yet find it wrong when rejected Eng practic?

Answer I'm not sure if you are trolling here because you suddenly ask many questions like this.But I don't think there is anything wrong with rejecting "English practice" request if you don't like it.I ha... Read More »

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What are the resources an Ambassador and the Foreign Service possess in carrying out US foreign policy abroad?

How to Avoid Scams Abroad by Learning a Foreign Language?

It makes sense that you'd want to learn a foreign language in order to take a vacation to a country where that language is spoken. You need to be able to get around on local transportation, haggle ... Read More »

When you bring a car from abroad into Florida how long can you drive it with foreign tags?

Seriously....?It's called an RV, or a recreational vehicle.

Do canadians need to report foreign earned income when living abroad?

According to Howland Tax Services, Canadians with "residential ties" to Canada must pay Canadian taxes. Residential ties include ownership of a Canadian home, dependents or spouses in Canada, or th... Read More »