Why are HDMI cables so expensive?

Answer HDMI cables do not need to be expensive and some of the most expensive can be purchased for huge discounts when on sale. If you do consider $20-35 expensive then you should also consider the whole ... Read More »

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Is there a difference between expensive hdmi cables and cheap hdmi cables?

Mostly the difference is just durability. More expensive cables can have better features, such as better surround sound and communication features. Other than those, a cheap HDMI cable can usually ... Read More »

Are more expensive hdmi cables better?

Ah the famous argument. This debate has two sides, audio/videophiles and marketing teams on one hand, and practically everyone else on the other. I worked in consumer electronics for 5 years using ... Read More »

Why are HDMI cables in store so expensive?

These are typical answers by people that just don't know, and are regurgitating so called "scientific" evidence that there is no difference in cables. I'm sorry but Its really upsetting when peopl... Read More »

Are expensive hdmi cables better than cheap ones?

Basically, if you are getting a good picture now, a better cable won't improve it.See the article at the link. Digital signals are basically a stream of 1's and 0's ... as long as the signal can be... Read More »