Why do you see different colors when you press down on your eyes?

Answer Whenever the cells of the retina (which is the light-sensitive lining of the eyeball) are stimulated, the response is the perception of light. Now, almost always, this response occurs because it is... Read More »

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The colors in my pictures appear different on different monitors?

You can't I know if the people who see my pictures see them the way you create them;  in fact, you can pretty much be sure that they don't.  It's all dependent on their setup, and the quality of ... Read More »

Do different colors of paint mean different things?

Color is frequently used to aid in the identification of things. It would probably come under the heading of color coding. Do fire extinguishers come in something other than red? Industrial plants ... Read More »

David Bowie'e eyes?

What color are david henrie's eyes?