Why asians do better on mathematics The b.b.c. had a piece discussing a connection between rice farming and math. scores and Asians.?

Answer I normally do not respond to culture type questions, as it is more of a cultural philosophy question than technical. But, brillant mathematicians appear the world over. It has to start early. Dedic... Read More »

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Do you look up to those asians who totally dislike other asians and are white washed?

What colour contacts would look good on Asians?

In my opinion, Asians are the most beautiful human beings on this planet, and in contrast to the other features, I think very, very light eyes of any color on you would be breathtaking. My reasoni... Read More »

How to Get Good Grades in Math?

Some people aren't really good in math. Here is how to make those zeroes disappear.

Good Math Projects?

Math projects are a great way to introduce or go over math concepts with your class. Math projects give children the opportunity to be involved physically in the learning process as well as just ha... Read More »