Why are African wild dogs going extinct?

Answer African wild dogs, or painted wolves, are undomesticated dogs with multicolored patches and large, round ears. They are social creatures who roam Africa in packs. Unfortunately, these animals are q... Read More »

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How many African wild dogs die each year?

It is unknown exactly how many African wild dogs die each year. The Wild Dog Project Report states that the population of these wild dogs is dwindling by approximately 10 percent each year, and the... Read More »

Where do African wild dogs sleep?

African wild dogs are social animals living in southern and eastern Africa. While bearing young, the pack dwells in a small den for two to three months. During the rest of the year, the dogs spend ... Read More »

Where do African wild dogs live?

African wild dogs, also known as Cape hunting dogs or painted dogs, live in the plains, savannas and upland forests of sub-Saharan Africa. They are mainly found in southern African countries such a... Read More »

What do south african wild dogs eat?

African wild dogs, which are found primarily in the southern part of Africa, typically hunt puku antelope, Thomson's gazelles, Grant's gazelles and impalas. Their diet also includes zebras, hares, ... Read More »