How to Get More Strikes when Bowling?

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How to do the Pro Bowling Technique Called Hook Ball?

Knocking down pins in the back corners of the lane is difficult when rolling a straight ball. To improve your chances of picking up spares in a pin-in-the-corner situation, you should learn how to ... Read More »

What is the turkey neck called?

The neck of the turkey is simply called the neck. The turkey does, however, have a red, pouch-like apparatus in the front of it throat that is called a wattle..Source:University of Illinois Extensi... Read More »

What is an herb called turkey rhubarb?

Turkey rhubarb is a root that has been used for thousands of years as an herbal remedy for digestion problems. It has a mild laxative effect that assists to ease constipation, but is chiefly used a... Read More »

What is the skin under a turkey's neck called?

A wattle is the red, fleshy flap of skin under a turkey's neck. The wattle's purpose is to help male turkeys (toms) attract female turkeys (hens). After spotting a hen, the tom's wattle becomes mor... Read More »