Why apple macbbok aluminium is so costly (rs 75000)?

Answer macbook,u can only tell after using it(there is a big difference,take my word)

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Why is a database so costly?

A database is a table of records that can be accessed through searches, so why does hiring someone to create one cost so much? A well-engineered database interface may seem simple but conceals much... Read More »

Why Mobile TV Are very Costly?

if you're talking about a LIVE mobile tv, that's a television that has live tv wherever you are, wifi is not needed.thats why costly

How costly is termite treatment?

On One Hand: Fumigation TreatmentSeveral methods of professional termite extermination are used, and fumigation is one of the most common. During fumigation, the exterminator sprays a lethal gas in... Read More »

Why food on Train is so costly?

Because they can charge it! There's nowhere else to buy food from, so they charge what they want! How rude!