Why am l not losing any weight even though l walk everywhere and eat less?

Answer Keep a food diary.Most people vastly under estimate the number of calories they eat,and underestimate the serving sizes. A packet of crisps, a sausageroll, and a coke can add up to about 600 calor... Read More »

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Why I am gaining weight even though I'm exercising?

You are gaining weight because muscle weighs more than fat and all of the exercise is building more muscle. This is normal. Weight isn't nearly as important as were led to believe, its more about b... Read More »

Why can't i lose weight even though i exercise?

Everyone knows of people that are part of a gym, enrolled in a spinning class, or train from home using some sort of DVD program. Along with people's increased focus on exercise comes the frustrati... Read More »

The government seem determined to get us to use public transport, even though, even now its overstretched..?

The idea was that we'd stay at home and work on networked personal computers. Unfortunately, now that we've got the technology, we squander it on rubbish like Y!A instead.

How to Walk in Heels Looking Comfortably Gorgeous Everywhere?

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