Why am i not getting all my local channels for?

Answer It's more important to have good antenna for digital than it was for analog. When analog signals were poor, you would see snow/fuzz/noise in varying amounts. When digital signals are poor, the pict... Read More »

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How do you scam direct tv into getting local channels?

How can I view local TV channels without getting cable or satellite?

There are amplified antennas as well as omni directional antennas and highly directional ones...Put your address in here and this will tell you what your local stations are. It uses a color code th... Read More »

How do I get the local HD channels on my Toshiba HD TV?

My guess is it could be a couple of things:1. The TV is set to "cable" tuning. My new Toshiba was set to cable tuning out of the box. Check the menus, set the TV for "air" tuning and rescan for ... Read More »

How do I get free HD local channels?

The shows have to be brodcast in HD, to be able to recieve them.