Why am i not coming down from pills after 14 hours?

Answer Taking illegal, unregulated drugs is always a crapshoot. Anything chemical could be added to them. Precisely why they are illegal in the first place.As we don't know what you ingested, if you fee... Read More »

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WMR has been down for hours now. Its currently after 7 am and its still down. Maybe this will be what we've al?

Mine was accepted on the 19th and WMR says they cant provide any info to wait up to 3 weeks. I always worry when it comes to taxes, I dont know why though. So Im calling in a bit to see what they say

I'm coming down with a cold are there any good remedies that don't involve popping pills?

I have some suggestions. A couple of them involve taking something orally, but you can try the other suggestions first. The "pill-popping" that I suggest is with natural herbs and dietary supplemen... Read More »

When is After Hours coming out of Blue Ray?

A woman takes 1 pill of unwanted-72 instead of 2 pills within 3 to 4 hours after having unprotected sex what are the chances of her becoming pregnant?

if dosage is 1.5mg,then she wont have the requirement of nxt dose,the effectiveness is 95%