Why am i having few contractions at 5cm dilated and 50 effaced?

Answer Answer The baby probably isn't ready yet. Where I went to the hospital if you were 5cm dialated they would keep you and induce labor. Answer you can be zero dilated and be in labor. As soon as yo... Read More »

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How can you be 5cm dilated and 50 effaced with some contractions but not be in hard labor?

Answer alot of it depends of if this is your first of multiple pregnancy. has the baby dropped down in the birth canal or not. the baby could not be head first and could be laying sideways. there ... Read More »

You are 90 effaced 3cm dilated having contractions for the past 3 days Just lost your mucus plug?

Losing your mucus plug is nothing to worry about. Let your midwife/obgyn know at next visit but all those signs can last for weeks before you give birth

You are 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant and 60 percent effaced but not dilated will castor oil help you i have been having contractions off and on?

Home induced labor Help you what? Miscarry? Want your baby to crap in the womb? Don't do it!

You are 75 effaced and 1cm dilated and 35 weeks along how long till you go into labor i have lost my plug and having contractions here and there through out the day and night?

Answer I would suggest calling your doctor. it all depends on your body. however, i know your pretty much safe until your 100 effaced and 10 cms, but that can happen quickly.