Why am i having chest pain after having a baby?

Answer If you are having chest pain you shouold go straight to the ER as there are too many reasons to go into here, some serious and others not so serious, only a doctor can tell you the precise reason y... Read More »

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Could you be pregnant after having sex 5 weeks after having a baby but 2 days before period?

Yes you can. My husband and his brother are 11 months apart. I am not really sure what you mean by 2 days before your period but if you started bleeding 2 days after having sex it may not be a peri... Read More »

Why Am I Having Chest Pains What's Causing ThemI'm 18 years old, and have been having chest pains for the?

Having pain in chest what could it be?

I get chest pain when I've got anxiety. I also get that pain after eating , directly on the side in which my heart is. Probably gas, haha.But I used to think this way before. I thought I had a hear... Read More »

Having dull chest pain, is it really that serious?

Where is the chest pain located? If it's in one side or the center of your chest, it is probably costochondritis. This is a condition where the cartliage swells and pinches between the ribs. This i... Read More »