Why am i getting this error with the python script I wrote?

Answer Your problem is that john, or any person object, does not have an attribute named dict. It has a method named dict, but that's it. You're trying to retrieve the value of a key named 1 from a method... Read More »

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How to Run a Python Script on a Mac?

Python is a higher-level programming language that is gaining popularity among programmers; currently, it has roughly one million users worldwide. It is easy to learn, has fewer syntax rules than o... Read More »

How to Pause a Python Script?

Use the free, Python programming language to develop dynamic, interactive applications. Occasionally when programming in Python, you may need to pause a script from running for a set amount of time... Read More »

How to Fix a Script Error in IE7?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 script errors happen because the script in a web page is not compatible with the script of the web browser. This causes a conflict, which in turns causes an error. Scr... Read More »

What Is an 1802 Script Error?

An 1802 script error is a message that comes from Windows Installer if there is a program during the installation of a software program. The 1802 script error means that the system cannot continue ... Read More »