Why am i craving salt then suddenky crave something sweet?

Answer You might have a mineral deficiency and that's why you crave salty food. The sweets craving doesn't seem all that odd, try and see a nutritionist to find out if your daily diet is providing you wit... Read More »

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Why would I be craving Sweet Potatoes?

Cravings, other than for sweets and other bad foods, craving is usually a result of something missing from your diet. They have a lot of fiber, potassium and vitamin A , B6 and C. So you're probab... Read More »

Nauseous, then craving something sweet?

You need to see your doctor.This can be a dietary problem, diabetes, hormones...lots of things, all needning something to change or be managed. Don't let this go for much monger. Call them Monday f... Read More »

Why do drunks crave salt?

I am craving for something sweet, what can I bake that's simple and tasty?

I'm having some graham crackers with leftover frosting on, so sweet and crunchy too!'