Why am i bleeding so heavy on my period?

Answer the first day is usually very light. The next days will be heavy. It's normal. But if it is very heavy I suggest you use heavy flow pads or tampons what ever you prefer. If you have irregular peri... Read More »

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Feb 5th you bled for 3 days you were only on cycle day 15 period wasnt due til 12th started bleeding again on 27th stopped bleeding today on mar 1st could you be prego?

Answer Yes you could be pregnant or having a hormonal imbalance. See your Doctor.

Is heavy bleeding a sign of pregnancy?

Answer No, Heavy bleeding after a late or missed period could be a sign of a miscarriage. But chances are if you are experiencing Heavy bleeding you are not, or are no longer pregnant.

Does bleeding mid-period bloating dizziness light-headedness sensitive breasts fever cramping in lower abdomen hard nipples mean you're pregnant you haven't missed a period yet?

Answer It is very unlikely as you get pregnant mid-cycle. Also you don't have a fever with pregnancy.

Could heavy bleeding also be a sign of pregnancy?

It could signal alot of things-pregnancy, misscarriage, endometreosis....more info-are you late? If so, how late? Are you having any pains?? Answer I don't think that heavy bleeding is a sign of pr... Read More »