Why am i always cold?

Answer It could be do to a poor diet, or smoking, but it could just be you're more sensitive to the cold than most people.

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Is the surface of Mars always cold?

Although the climate on Mars is much colder than that of Earth, the surface can get as warm as 70 degrees during the summer at the equator. Low temperatures at the poles can get as cold as minus 22... Read More »

Why are my hands and feet always so cold?

That is a circulation problem. It could be caused by many different things, None of us are Doctors so we cannot diagnose and prescribe anything, we can only offer advice, Mine is:You should get you... Read More »

Whay are my hands always cold?

I AM ALWAYS COLD. What is wrong with me?

Hi.There is quite a bit of variation amongst people when it comes to their sense of the outside temperatures. Often one person might report feeling hot, whereas the person standing next to him/her... Read More »