Why am I sweating while I sleep?

Answer Dreams you could get your rate racing while you sleep and it makes u work up a sweat .... Or hell never know maybe you sleep walk and excercise in your sleep my brother used to get up and do sit up... Read More »

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What are the causes of sweating while sleeping?

Night or nocturnal sweats, or breaking into a severe sweat while asleep, can have a number of causes, some serious, according the American Academy of Family Physicians.Night SweatsNight or nocturna... Read More »

What happens to the body while we sleep, why is sleep essential, what is the least amount you can survive on?

While you sleep your autonomic nervous system kicks in, and yes your body repairs itself, also your brain starts into memory cycling and filing. As far as the sleep question your body requires what... Read More »

How to Sleep While Sitting Up?

Have you ever been tired in a place without a bed or where it would be inappropriate to lay your head down but desperately wanted to sleep? Well, with these easy steps you can squeeze in sleep anyt... Read More »

Do you blink while you sleep?