Why am I still worried?

Answer Maybe because yur soo afraid of having it but TRY to think positive If yu have sex with woman who aren't too loose & you know then pretty well or Atleast have protected sex & keep yur immune system... Read More »

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My Lil Sis is Worried She's 12 and still has not gotten "IT" (FEMALES ONLY!)?

Reassure her that we all develop at different rates and that other girls will ALWAYS find something to make a BIG DEAL out of or even pick on her. Teach her to NOT react when others are fools this... Read More »

A screw fell off the bottom of my car , should I be worried an is it still safe oo drive?

If it was a small screw I would not be worried about that so much as if a big half inch bolt or nut fell out. smaller screws are usually in the fenders and body pamels mostly and one is no big deal... Read More »

Should you be worried if you are 32 weeks pregnant and the baby is still in breech position?

Answer Not at all. Most babies do not turn until they are closer to the big day. 2 of mine did not turn until the day before. I would not worry.

I'm 14 and my boobs are still a 32 AA, I'm worried that they're never gonna get bigger!?

Honestly, don't worry about it! I am 15, and i've only recently been out to buy my first A cup size!! So that says something...As you get older you will find that they will start to ache a bit, tha... Read More »