Why am I so skinny?

Answer A few factors could be at play here...Are other members in your family skinny? If so It could simply be your genetic disposition.Even though you skip meals, when you do eat you choose healthy stuff... Read More »

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How do you get a good fit in skinny jeans im a guy and everytime I buy some its not that skinny at the ankles?

Get the super skinny fit in a guys size. It's not as tight as girl's skinny jeans but they do look and fit better. The other one's are too baggy

Girls, i want skinny skinny legs...not muscular do i burn fat on my legs?

You can't burn fat in your legs specifically. Your body burns fat from all over. Some people lose weight in some areas more quickly than others, but there isn't a way to target specific areas of ... Read More »

Do really skinny people break bones easier than not really skinny people?

Short answer: yes.Longer explanation: Bones are useful because they give muscles something to act on. As a body increases its muscular strength, the pressure and stress the muscles place on bones ... Read More »

Is she too skinny?

dude she's really hot!! shes really good looking shes not too skinny! but what is up with her nails? they are like a bright lightbulb!