Why am I sleepy during the day How can I prevent it 10 pts :)?

Answer Seems you answered your own question....your "sleep hygiene" is off. In particular, your sister is causing interruptions while asleep. I perform sleep studies and see these micro-arousals that will... Read More »

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Im always sleepy, what can help?

so do iif u find a good answer for this question tell me :)

How not to get sleepy?

1. Increase your levels of daily activity. Studies have shown that walking, jogging, biking, etc. for at least 20 minutes every day can increase your energy and reduce daily fatigue. 2. Drink plen... Read More »

How come I always look sleepy when I'm not?

Some people have "raccoon" eyes as some call it. I have these too and am always asked if I'm tired. The best thing to do would probably get a rejuvenating face wash (even if you are a guy), because... Read More »

Why am I so sleepy help please!?

You need more water. Your quality of sleep may be altered by sleep apnea, see your doctor.