Why am I seeing this when I watch YouTube videos?

Answer It`s a temporary problem with one of their servers. However, try clearing all your cache & cookies & history in your browser and then try again.

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How to add below your videos on youtube: watch this video in high definition?

Yeah add &fmt=18 to any video link to make it better quality

Weird symbols when I try to watch youtube videos?

Same as above, however Im able to see videos again. I reset my internet settings by going to Tools>Internet Options>General Tab>Delete Browsing history (leave passwords unchecked if you save that s... Read More »

Why does my internet freeze when i watch videos on youtube?

ur pc could be overheating or u could have a driver problem .. maybe update ur lan and video drivers .

Why is YouTube STILL playing random videos when I try to watch anything!!?

THAT HAS BEEN DOING THE SAME FOR ME! But for me Google and Youtube, the keep saying it's an error every time I try going on it! They say that my internet isn't working or my proxy server something ... Read More »