Why am I seeing a blank spot on youtube where the video should be?

Answer you may need to update your version of flash player on your computer, go to to update it its freeIf this doesnt work then i suggest you run a virus scanner something may be in your co... Read More »

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How do you burn a YouTube video onto a blank CD?

Very easy for u with E.M. Youtube video download tool.It works very well and easy to use.(1)Just download youtube video;(2)COnvert the video to cd audio (.wav) or VCD/SVCD/ DVD video (mpg);(3)Burn ... Read More »

What can make the youtube screen turn pink and keep someone from seeing a video?

Mine was doing that , I tried to download a flash-player with Internet Explorer and it would not work, switched to Mozilla Firefox, un-installed the stupid Internet Explorer, now everything works g... Read More »

Where can I take unwanted used blank video tapes?

join freecycle Uk they recycle everything and have groups all over, tap in freecycle to find your nearest group, post them on there someone, somewhere will want them! It stops good unused stuff g... Read More »

Every time i click on a youtube video to view a blank page opens and and i cant view it!! can any1 help me?