Good concealers Not getting any answers?

Answer 1) collection 2000 concealer, i think its like £5 - it has great coverage as well as quite cheap2) soap and glory kick *** concealer £10 - stays on for quite a while but if you're really pale lik... Read More »

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Kidney infection getting worse, need urgent answers?

Hey Alexandra, if your getting worse not better. Book to see your doctor immediatley or go to accident and emergency. Don't rest on your morales and convince yourself it will be ok. If your getting... Read More »

I have been getting mixed answers on wheather or not you can unlock a iphone 4 to metro pcs?

Yes, but be sure to research the costs before you do it. It is legal, and you can even use a phone that is blocked by Verizon/Sprint because someone failed to pay the bill. The best method is to al... Read More »

People are just plain lazy when it comes to getting the answers for themselves. Why?

because it's nice to get people opinions on things. for example, you just asked a question that could not be answered by google or wikipedia.

I'm getting a round of drinks in for the whole of Yahoo Answers. What's everyone having?