Why am I never sore?

Answer You are in shape. Step up the intensity and duration of your workouts, and do some other activities to engage unused muscles.You get sore because you body produces lactic acid when you aren't gett... Read More »

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Can you catch a cold sore from kissing someone who has one even if you've never had one before?

yep and yep. So dont get a 'suckjob slapper with a cold sore' Have a hand job instead

I never lifted weights before i did thursday with my basketball team n I'm still sore is it normal?

Yes it's very normal. Just drink a lot of water. And make sure you're not lifting too much for yourself to handle. It means your muscles are getting stronger.

Fever sore canker sore cold sore 10 points?

There are medicines like Abreva that will shorten healing time, but from my understanding it's not exactly fast, just faster.Herpes isn't curable, but if you go to the doctor there are medications ... Read More »

Is it PMS or a sign of pregnancy if your nipples have been sore for over a week and they don't hurt as much as they did when they first got sore but this is the longest that they've ever been sore?

Answer Its most likely PMS if your expecting your period. But do a test if your period doesnt arrive.Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected per... Read More »