Why am I losing so much hair :(?

Answer There could be few reasons why your hair is coming out so much, but you should know that it is normal for your hair to come out. You actually lose 50 to 100 strands a day. If your hair is coming ou... Read More »

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Why is my dog losing his hair?

Many pet owners are alarmed when they find that their dogs are losing hair. But most conditions that cause hair loss in dogs are highly treatable and should not be cause for too much concern.TypesT... Read More »

How to Know If You're Losing Your Hair?

Baldness is sometimes considered attractive for men, especially for those who voluntarily shave their heads to the skin. However, hair loss beyond a natural process can be of concern to both men an... Read More »

Why is your dog losing hair?

Most dogs shed to some degree, but when your dog starts losing unusually large amounts of hair, it can be upsetting. Most causes of hair loss in dogs are easily treatable.SignificanceThe amount of ... Read More »

Why is my dog losing her hair?

Dogs are great friends and some even become loyal members of the family. So what happens when one of the members of your family begins to lose their hair? Panicked and stricken with fear, a pet o... Read More »