Why am I losing saved changes in excel?

Answer There could be several reasons this might be happening: • A virus, or some other malware on the system. • Too many applications running for the type of machine and amount of RAM. • Ove... Read More »

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How Can I Restore a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet If I Accidentally Saved It as Another Name?

Excel is a spreadsheet program that's part of Microsoft Office. Saving a spreadsheet means that you give the document a name, press "OK," and the file is saved. Opening the document means that you ... Read More »

How do I Recover a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet That I Accidentally Saved Over?

When you save over an Excel file, the original file is deleted from your computer. If you've spent a lot of time creating the perfect spreadsheet only to accidentally save over it, then you know wh... Read More »

Excel file saved as jpg (jpeg) for web is not optimized for viewing?

It would be much easier to just save the MS-Excel spreadsheet as an HTML document (or at least as an HTML Table), and then include that within your web page. (Spreadsheets do not need to be images... Read More »

Is it possible to create an Excel Spreadsheet saved as a webpage and still have the freeze panes option work?

If all you are wanting is to make sure that the "header" rows stay in place, so that one may scroll down the "data" rows, then just make two separate HTML Tables from the single MS-Excel worksheet.... Read More »