Why am I hurting so much?

Answer Try pressing the phone button and dialing the nine one one buttons! If not I can dial it for you. I think they will be showing up at my apartment if I do tho...

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Why is my elbow hurting me so much I will answer your questions?

It's quite obvious you are putting too much strain on the bone which it is. I used to do that myself, and now I just sit back more and type more. I even use the mouse less and try to use the touch ... Read More »

How to Tell a Friend She Complains Too Much Without Hurting Her Feelings?

This quick guide will help a girl tell her girlfriend she needs to dial down the whining, as well as help a guy let a female friend know her constant griping is making him want to jump off a bridge... Read More »

If I went to physical therapy for my rotator cuff, why is my neck hurting so much tonight?

The neck bone's connected to the shoulder bone. The shoulder bone's connected to the arm bone. The arm bone's connected to the hand bone. The hand's just connected to the bone-r.

How do i stop my braces from hurting soooooooooooooooo much!!!!! PLEASE HELP HURRY!!!!!!!!?

I think what might help is if you would BE A MAN!I had braces and there's no reason why you should ADMIT you feel any pain. Besides, after a few weeks you wont even know. You'll even get used to th... Read More »