Why am I having tingling and pain in one leg?

Answer If its really bothering you a lot and its starting to give you pain. It is best that you consult a doctor to avoid any kind of severe complications.

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Pain/tingling/numbness in leg and arm?

You may have a subluxation. Go see the chiropractor at ChiroOne. The doc there helped me a lot.

Horrible pain/tingling in both legs ?

Something is definitely wrong; could be blood clots, oncoming heart attack,stroke, bone cancer, tumors... anything. ER is too expensive; get to a doctor for treatment immediately.

Abdominal pain and tingling arms/hands?

It sounds like food poisoning. I suffered Thursday night/Friday morning (8.5 hours!!!) from that and it is NO picnic! Abdominal pains, barfing, diarrhea, dry heaves (the worst!). I felt cold and... Read More »

What are the causes of back pain&tingling in hands&feet?

Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet in conjunction with back pain can indicate an injury to your back, a problem with a disc or even a disease. While it is usually not a life-threatening il... Read More »