Why am I having this terrible leg pain?

Answer Either growing pains (very possible at your age) or low potassium (eat bananas).

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37 weeks pregnant and having terrible diarrhea and feeling nauseas all the time could this mean you could go into labor soon?

Answer It may do but it is more likely you have a stomach bug. I suggest you see your maternity care provider. Answer Hello.I'm not really sure, but I would see your doctor about the severe diar... Read More »

Why do I feel terrible after having a nap?

I'm 18 and i been having this pain on the back of mouth for 3 days now its on the right side of my mouth?

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I get a terrible pain inside and under my ear when I drive for more than 30 minutes...?

I don't live too far from downtown Los Angeles and the traffic sucks (and I'm being nice here). I get the same pain kinda in and under my ear. Turns out, it is tension. I tense up my hands on th... Read More »