Why am I getting stronger but not bigger...?

Answer You have to consume more food than you burn. 2grams of carbs for every lb you weight and 1/1.5lbs of protein. Use a calorie counter to track your food and if you meet your requirements I personally... Read More »

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How can I become bigger and stronger?

Monday chest and triceps- bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press , db flys , tricep pushdowns, dipsTuesday legs - squats, leg press, leg curls, calf raisesWednesday- cardioThursday- ... Read More »

How to Get Bigger & Stronger With a Workout?

In order to increase your strength and muscle mass, you must concentrate on lifting progressively heavier weights. In addition, you must focus on working out with great intensity. Muscle growth tak... Read More »

How to Train to Get Stronger & Bigger?

Muscle mass and strength are two different aspects of fitness. Based on these two factors, a person is said to be stronger, bigger, or both. While considering the exercises and training to become s... Read More »

Will doing "air alert" get you stronger and bigger legs?

Yes, air alert will tone your legs up quite a bit