Why am I getting period pains while I'm pregnant?

Answer Light pain in the abdomen is experienced by many women throughout pregnancy. Cramping and discomfort similar to that experienced during a menstrual period, however, can be caused by a variety of re... Read More »

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What should you do if you are six weeks pregnant and are having period-like pains that are coming and going and you are worried since you miscarried three months ago?

Answerhaving period cramps for the first 3-4 months are normal. if you are spotting or see any blood go to the doctors . i had cramps for the first 4 months until they finally went away

Can you be pregnant if your breasts are sore and you have abdominal pains about 3 weeks before your period is supposed to start?

Answer I would say you are getting ready to, or already ovulating.

You have just stopped taking the pill when you had intercourse you dont think you were ovulating the week after your period now you have period pains 2 wks early but no period bloated and cant stop cr?

You missed your period and you just started taking the pill last week and you should have got it then you have been more tired with back pains If i am pregnant could the pill hurt the baby?

Answer Firstly back pain is not a usual early pregnancy symptom. If you are pregnant, taking the pill will not harm the baby in any way. When you first start taking the pill, you should wait unt... Read More »