Why am I getting a warning message from FaceBook?

Answer Facebook has a high defense system built in to it to be a deterrent to spammers. You probably looked at alot of people's profiles or sent alot of messages at once. It is probably leary of you since... Read More »

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When I send Facebook message through my iphone somtimes the message turns Chinese?

How can I check a value of a cell and consequently add one warning message using VBA in Excel?

Since you did not specify which version of MS-Excel, I will have to assume 2003 or earlier.You really do not need to do this with VBA coding, since this type of functionality is built into MS-Excel... Read More »

Is it safe to download and open binary files with warning message about virus?

i think their must have still photo take option.if their have burst option click it.

How to get rid of the: Warning, For full performance, connect a higher capacity AC adapter message?

Are you sure there's nothing wrong with your adapter? If it always used to work before, but not now, it may be going bad. Other things to try: don't plug it into a power strip or surge protector, t... Read More »