Why am I getting a Facebook error on my iPhone ?

Answer maybe poor internet connection...but if it's and app try deleting and re-installing it again

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Not able to restore iphone 3g- getting error 6?

I had the Error (6) problem as well, and I resolved the issue by shutting down my firewall. Try that!

Why am I getting "Error Invalid Number" when sending text message with iphone?

shannon if your dialing the area code and the phone number and still getting the error message then the message center number is probably incorrect.Its the number the phone sends the message to so... Read More »

Facebook Checkpoint Error / Error 500 / Login Error?

I have tried the refreshing trick but it doesnt work for me:( Im so frustrated its been for a week already...anyone whose fb is still not working?guys, try press forget the password and then search... Read More »

Why am I getting false push notifications from Facebook (iPhone)?

It's probably a glitch. It's happened to me as well