Why am I gaining weight like crazy?

Answer With normal metabolism, it should be impossible to gain on 1600 calories at your current weight. It's normal to fluctuate during the day (sometimes 5 pounds or more) due to water and food weight, b... Read More »

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Gaining weight out of no where>?

You probably gained the weight because you didn't get a chance to workout and cheated a couple times. Here's the best way to loose weight: Eat healthy meals and follow serving sizes. Do not cut out... Read More »

Why am i gaining weight?

Maybe you have a slow metabolism. Remember to drink a lot of water.

I kept gaining weight?

You might have a thyroid disorder. I would visit your doctor and get everything checked out. If you are healthy then I would look at what you are eating when you do. Try Body by Vi shakes. They hel... Read More »

Why I am gaining weight even though I'm exercising?

You are gaining weight because muscle weighs more than fat and all of the exercise is building more muscle. This is normal. Weight isn't nearly as important as were led to believe, its more about b... Read More »