Why am I experiencing this?

Answer You probably just have cancer.

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Experiencing such Raw Emotions!?

I'm trying to find the right words for this. Maybe since she can't help you with reunion you should go ahead and work around her. You are entitled to a relationship with any family members who will... Read More »

I'm experiencing other individuals pain?

Sympathy pains. People get them a lot. You feel bad for them, and start to feel what they feel

Am I experiencing a heart attack?

Your friend may have knocked a little wind out of you trapping a bit in some of your lung tissue. This pain is very sharp, usually localized in one area, and it seems to help if you press firmly o... Read More »

Experiencing Shortness of breath?

Psychological Anxiety frequently leads to chronic and acute hyperventilation. Often associated with panic attacks, this state of rapid breathing increases carbon dioxide in the body and limits t... Read More »