Why am I experiencing this?

Answer You probably just have cancer.

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Im 27 weeks pregnant this is our first baby and im experiencing constant pain in my abdomen it feels as if you at to much is this normal?

Answer yea its normal its false labor i went through it with my pregnancy.

Experiencing jaw teeth ear pain soreness info on how to treat this?

The pain is tmj im pretty sure. I have it too and get the exact same thing. If you can afford it i would suggest the going to the dentist. Do you clench your jaw when sleeping worried or upset? thi... Read More »

Just started on probiotics and am experiencing gas and stomach cramps is this normal?

In a sense yes its normal but that usually occurs when higher dosages are taken but even if a lot is taken you usually get rid of them on you next bowel movement. I mean yours are around 20 billion... Read More »

If you are experiencing cramping that you never get prior to your period could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer This could be a sign of pregnancy but if you are spotting as well it could be an early sign of miscarriage. You may want to go to the dr.