Why am I craving sugar when...?

Answer once you start on the carbohydrate roller coaster your body wants to keep the ride going!! go low carb--it'll be rough for a bit--but I've found that you don't crave it as much when you stop eatin... Read More »

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Proteins against sugar craving ?

for pre-bed, cottage cheese is a nice choice. If you are looking for a sweeter taste, you can add Walden Farms 0 calorie chocolate sauce, which makes it seem quite dessert like.There theoretically ... Read More »

I am in the sugar craving cycle. What is the best way to break it?

Sugar cravings are very rare for me.....usually only with bad PMS.High salt/fat/protein snax like a tonne or two of beef jerky & lots of booze usually sort it out.PS: OOPS - also just realizing we... Read More »

What to eat when you're craving ice cream?

Craving salty foods when pregnant?

You're going to be all over the place until the birth, make the most of it. One minute its strawberry ice cream, the next its gherkins. You'll go off random stuff as well. I went off coffee and curry.