How do I Block a individual from calling my Phone number I only need to Block one Person from calling MyPhone?

Answer you can only block by a couple of waysif that person is making threatening calls, you can use a trace by hitting *57 and then make a report and go to court over it.if that person is making annoying... Read More »

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Calling a UK cell from a cell phone or calling card?

don't use any calling card that charges you fees and taxes, that s a rip-off...why don't you use cheap and easy....use a web-cam too, so you can see your family and friends....or us... Read More »

Who keeps calling me?

Imagine the following scenario; you are at home, busy with routine tasks when the phone rings. You are too busy to answer the phone immediately so you let it ring. Now imagine that you go to check ... Read More »

Me calling myself Possible?

There is this number that you can call,and change the caller ID when you call someone.But I don't know if you can still do that,but it could just be one of your friends trying to creep you out or s... Read More »

Calling help!!!!!!!!!?

Reach into the phone receiver with your fist and punch your buddy from the other side of the line. Works for me. Then again, I'm a cartoon.