Why am I being redirected to

Answer THere are html codes that will redirect you to another site. i even no how to make it. so that is from the html code someone put on that site.

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Why am I being redirected to google sites when I try to visit a public non-google site?

Hi, I have the same issue! And as far as I sweetly know, I havnt broken any rules or conduct, Ive been using the forums at Age of Kings Heaven the same way I have been since I joined. I just was on... Read More »

Youtube suddenly redirected me?

Wikipedia redirected me to a different site?

Hmm. Well it could be an external link, and you just thought it was bad, or it could be some spam, vandalism of that webpage. I'll take a look...For me to identify it, I'd like you to tell me where... Read More »

How to Remove Redirected Searches From Viruses?

Redirected searches are the product of a virus or other malicious program on your computer, not a problem with the search engine. Because of the huge number of antivirus programs on the market, sel... Read More »