Why alcohol is packed in 720ml bottle rather than 1000ml ?

Answer They make different size bottles but about 700ml is the most convenient and practical,if you go bigger than that it gets hard to fit it in the fridge or the liquor cabinet and a big bottle is a lit... Read More »

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Is a smaller bottle of Gatorade more concentrated than a bigger bottle?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Laptops rather than desktop computers other than portability?

One huge benefit is the battery. When the power goes out, a desktop abruptly shuts down, potentially causing loss of data and/or corruption of data if you were in the process of saving something. ... Read More »

If you had a choice would you rather have a soda in a bottle or can?

a GLASS bottle for sure.remember those glass 10 oz coke bottles that were like 33 degrees. That was the best thing ever. You could get them for 25 cents. That was the good old days

Why does the alcohol in beer affect me more quickly than the alcohol in spirits?

Ethanol (alcohol) gets absorbed by our bodies at the same rate whether it's beer, wine or spirits. Period. Your perception is that beer is effecting you faster. That's nice!⟣