Why after sedative filling I still in a lot of pain?

Answer Sedative fillings use to place on a tooth to reduce pain from irritated or inflamed pulp — the blood vessels and nerves in the center of a tooth. But if you are still having pain the i suggest to... Read More »

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How much pain is NORMAL after a cavity filling?

I have had that much pain after having several fillings done. It is going to be sore and hard to open because of all the time the mouth was held open for the dental work, and that will take a few d... Read More »

Severe tooth pain after filling?

Silver fillings (amalgam) is the best kind of filling for a molar. However, if this last more than a week, it sounds like something is wrong. A root canal might be needed, or it might be something ... Read More »

What could be causing my tooth pain after getting a filling?

If its only sensitive to COLD drinks, it will go away.If the pain comes on BITING, you need to be re assessed as the filling may be high.Your dentist will be able to tell you if the cavity was deep... Read More »

Is it normal to have pain in a tooth after a filling?

Pain for 2-3 days after dental filling is normal. It takes a day or two for filling to settle. As of now take OTC pain med for pain relief. If pain is very severe or if it persists beyond 3-4 days,... Read More »